Beyond consulting - A partner for transformation and growth

We provide management consulting, integrated logistics, contract management, professional and trade staffing, and equipment leasing and maintenance support services.

Our Services

Management Consulting Services

Steel Wolf provides specialized advisory services in project development, strategic planning, and organizational matters for governments and corporations.

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Integrated Logistics and Services

Steel Wolf supports our clients first by listening to them. We put ourselves in their shoes and we develop and deliver practical strategies and results that accomplish their goals while mitigating risk.

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Contract Management

With a multidisciplinary team, we offer project/contract management for a wide range of engagements including construction, life support, staffing, and information technology.

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New Domain Expertise

Project Development & Execution

We provide project development and execution services to support sustainability initiatives. From renewable energy projects to massive housing developments...

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Strategy and Business Planning

We implement effective business strategies to by utilizing local insights gained from our research and experience. We assist our clients by customizing their operations to accommodate...

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Government Relations

We provide expertise in navigating complex political, economic, and regulatory landscapes. With a presence in Iraq, China, Philippines, South Asia, Africa, and the US, we offer a global...

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